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Thước quang DC11 (50mm—1000mm,1um)

Mã SP: DC11- 50mm—1000mm

Giá bán: CALL

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Product Description

D60-3V is one new design of 3 coordinates multi-function digital readout, the display is based on using different machine, modify the parameters you can switch out the corresponding function, with a lot of graphics processing capabilities, the dedicated milling machine is: R arc function, equal portions round function, slope processing functions, bore on oblique line, spark machine is EDM features, specially for lathe is tool library functions, taper measurement function. with the aid of these features can greatly reduce the difficulty of processing graphics.

Basic functions

1)    200 auxiliary zero:

2)     gamma calculator (for milling machine);

3)    Power-down memory:

4)     non-linear error compensation and linear error compensation;

5)    Points in the function:

6)     Inch / metric mode.

Processing functions

1)    PCD circular sub-holes (for milling, EDM)

2)    Slash punch (for milling machine)

3)    Tool compensation function (for milling machine);

4)    Taper measurement function (for lathe);

5)    Slope processing (for milling machine);

6)    R arc function (for milling machine);

7)    200 tool magazine (for lathe);

8)    EDM functions (for EDM, ordered separately)

9)    RS-232 communication (ordered separately)

  Linear scale

 Linear scale when used in conjunction with our counter is designed for manual machine tools or other equipment having linear scale movements,For example cut off saws,Altematively the scale output can be used for automatic positioning control of machine tools or similar equipment via CNC or PLC unit .The scales may also be fitted to co-ordinate measurement or other measurement equipment used for high accuracy inspection & measurement.Our company is the earliest national professinal manufacturer of linear scale in china and offers a comprehensive range of products,We are able to quote on special scale on request.



 DC10 (50mm—1000mm,5um)

 DC11 (50mm—1000mm,1um)

 DC20 (1100mm—3000mm,5um)

 DC21 (1100mm—3000mm,1um)


Some specification:

 Measuring range:50mm-3000mm

 Grating space:20um,10um

 Infrared wave length:88omm

 Rolling system: vertical five bearing rolling system

  Output signal: TTL,EIA-422-A(RS-422),


  Environment temperature:-10~45


 working speed:(resolution)>=5um:>=60m/min



          1The reading head adopts ball bearing to position and guide with high sensitivity & long life.

          2)  Adopting metrology grating as measuring datum with high accuracy.

          3Adopting sealed structure that has reliable performance & is convenient for installation.

          4Glass precision measuring grating is adopted for the Linear Encoder as measuring benchmark to ensure high precision

          5Individualized components makes it very easy to install, maintain and repair the linear Encoder 

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